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The first trucks with the third generation of the OM 471 have been on the road for a few months. The engine lends the Actros and Arocs even greater driving dynamics.

Mercedes‑Benz Trucks is raising its key engine series to a new level with the third generation of the OM 471 for Actros and Arocs. Even more dynamic, even cleaner, up to 4% more economical, with tailor-made turbochargers and new automatic transmission system – we introduce you the most important innovations here.

  • Reduced fuel consumption.

In the new engine, optimisations in the piston geometry, injection nozzle and other parameters increase the peak ignition pressure to 250 bar. The result is – together with other measures – a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 4%.

  • New turbocharger.

The consumption-optimised variant is predestined for long-haul transport and engines with an output of up to 350 kW. The second, performance-optimised variant is available for engines up to 390 kW – designed for heavy-duty and construction vehicles, where the high engine braking power also pays off. These engines also benefit from the fuel-saving measures within the engine of this model series.

  • Lower emissions.

The completely redesigned exhaust aftertreatment system optimises the nitrogen oxide balance with a whole range of measures. The lower consumption is also directly reflected in lower emissions. The new OM 471 is therefore fit for the strictest emission standards – for example, EURO VIe.

  • More dynamic handling.

The new PowerShift Advanced transmission shifts more precisely and therefore more comfortably. Faster gear changes reduce torque interruption. The effect: softer moving off, faster acceleration and less loss of speed when shifting down on hills.

  • New oil management.

A newly developed engine oil pressure valve controls the oil pressure according to the demands. Precisely adapted to this: a new engine oil with a lower viscosity at the same oil-change intervals. This reduces friction losses in the engine.

  • Top Torque.

More torque: from seventh gear, 200 Nm more are now available in the "A Standard" and "A Power" driving modes – the 330 kW and 350 kW engines and the G281 transmission in the Actros benefit from this. "Power at the push of a button" in other words, valuable when driving onto a motorway or overtaking, for example.

  • New drivetrain package.

The third generation of the OM 471 is part of a new drivetrain package, which was also tested last year as part of an Actros driving event.

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Photos: Daimler Truck AG