Terms of use

Terms of use

Terms of use for the RoadStars communication platform

Terms of Use


User profile, friendships, chats, photo album, comments and social login are part of the community at "RoadStars". We keep track of user activities in the RoadStars community with ActivityStars. Using a scale plus the number of user activities (e.g. uploading photos to the photo album, posting a comment, etc.), the system calculates how many ActivityStars each user has. The more active the users are, the more ActivityStars they receive. This allows users to see for themselves who is contributing what to the RoadStars community. The 5 most active users can be shown in the Community section of the RoadStars members( tile. All these activities offer users the chance to network together and exchange ideas. This means that:

  • Users can set up a profile
  • Users can be friends and network with other users
  • Users can exchange chat messages
  • Users can keep a photo album and show pictures to other users on the network
  • Users can submit comments on the platform
  • Users can use their user data from other social networks to log in to the platform
  • Users who are registered and logged in can access exclusive data
  • User ranking on the basis of ActivityStars

Truck drivers registered on RoadStars/the blue steering wheel

Community members who enter the driver(s licence number of their valid truck driver(s licence in their profile can receive special bonus campaigns from RoadStars which are directed specifically at this target group only (registered truck drivers/blue steering wheel). These could be, for example: vehicle tests, product surveys, driving safety training or other special truck driver events. Community members who have entered their valid driver(s licence data can be recognised by the blue steering wheel symbol.

The actual campaigns will be announced on the website as soon as someone logs in as a community member with a blue steering wheel. Invitations to events and the relevant detailed information will be sent by e-mail. Therefore the complete package for bonus offers for registered truck drivers includes direct contact as required with the target group in order to be able to invite them to participate in campaigns, to send detailed event information and, for example, to send a thank-you package following a campaign or a small present at Christmas or after driver registration. The first name, surname and the address data (e-mail and postal address) are required for this.

The driver(s licence number is used only to verify the status of the registered driver/the blue steering wheel. The driver(s licence number, name and address data are not shown to other community members.


Messages sent using the Postbox function will be saved. This serves the sole purpose of ensuring the correct operation of the Postbox. Messages are not actively read, nor are they used for another purpose than the technical assurance of problem-free conversation representation. Messages can be deleted upon user request.

1. Area of validity

The following terms of use define the relationship between Daimler Truck AG as provider of www.roadstars.mercedes-benz-trucks.com (hereinafter referred to as "the Provider") and the users of the Community.

Use of the Community is only permitted if the User accepts these Terms of Use.

2. Registration

(1) A precondition for use of the Community is prior registration. With the registration you also accept these Terms of Use.

(2) When registering, the User is obliged to supply all mandatory information truthfully. All mandatory fields must be filled in completely.

(3) The User may not allow third parties to use his or her access credentials. The User is required to keep his or her access credentials secret and protected from use by third parties. Also, the User may only set up one personal profile.

(4) Membership of the Community is only for persons over the age of 18. There is no entitlement to registration or membership.

3. Services offered by the Provider

(1) The Provider permits the User to publish information on the Provider's website within the limits of the Terms of Use. The Provider provides the Users with a communication platform with community functions free of charge within the Provider's technical and economical capabilities. The Provider makes every effort to maintain availability of the service. The Provider takes no responsibility for any further services. In particular, the User has no claim to constant availability of the service. Maintenance work, further development or breakdowns can cause use of the service to be limited or temporarily interrupted.

(2) The Provider takes no responsibility for the correctness, completeness, reliability or usability of the information provided.

4. Liability disclaimer

(1) The User has no claims to damages unless otherwise stated below. The above-mentioned exclusion of liability also applies to the Provider's legal representatives and agents, insofar as the User makes claims against them.

(2) The liability disclaimer defined in Paragraph 1 does not include damage claims arising from damage to life, body or health, and damage claims arising from a breach of essential contractual commitments. Essential contractual commitments are those which must be fulfilled in order to achieve the purpose of the contract. Likewise, the liability disclaimer does not include liability for damage caused by intentional or grossly negligent breach of an obligation on the part of the Provider or the Provider's legal representative or agent.

5. User's obligations and prohibited content

(1) The User bears sole responsibility for all content placed.

(2) The Community is exclusively for private use. The User undertakes not to publish any commercial information or content.

(3) The User undertakes not to publish any material which is contrary to public decency or against current law.

(4) In particular, the User undertakes not to publish any material whose publication entails a criminal or other offence.

(5) It is prohibited to post content which by its publication or reproduction via RoadStars can injure the rights of third parties (in particular copyright holders', brand or, identification rights, the right to one's own picture) or is threatening, offensive, defamatory, racist, inciting to violence, grossly offensive, annoying, discriminatory, pornographic or morally harmful to young persons.

(6) In particular, the User is required to consider the personal and privacy rights of third parties when posting content. For example, the User is responsible for ensuring that persons shown in pictures posted by the User have given their consent to publication, insofar as this consent is necessary according to law.

(7) In the case of an infringement of this obligation, the Provider is entitled to alter or delete the material in question. The Provider is at liberty to suspend the account of the User who has posted such content or terminate the membership. The User is required to pay the Provider any damages incurred by this breach of commitment.

(8) The Provider is entitled to delete material or contents which can constitute an infringement of the law.

(9) The Provider has a claim against the User to exemption from third-party claims asserted against the User due to infringement of a right. The User undertakes to support the Provider in defence against such claims. The User is also required to bear the costs of appropriate legal defence on the part of the Provider.

(10) The User has no claim to have content posted or to re-post deleted or blocked content.

6. Reporting of forbidden content

Forbidden content can be reported to the following e-mail address: support@roadstars.mercedes-benz.com

7. Transfer of users' rights/copyright provisions

(1) The copyright for material posted remains with the respective User. By posting material in the Community, however, the User grants the Provider the right to keep this material available on the website for an extended period. The Provider has the right to publish the content posted by the User, without limitation in terms of content, time or space, free of charge, to use it within the website and if applicable to adapt it and combine it with other content.

(2) The User ensures that he/she is the owner of all the required rights to the contents for the above mentioned uses and can dispose of these rights, and that no third-party rights or rules of law are impinged upon by this use.

(3) The User has no claim against the Provider for deletion or correction of material posted by the User.

8. Termination of membership

(1) The User can terminate his/her membership (as Facebook app or standard) at any time by means of an informal e-mail to this effect sent to support@roadstars.mercedes-benz.com or by clicking the "deleting your profile" button in the user profile. The deletion of data as a result of this termination does not include content, comments or information which was published on the platform prior to this point in time or data we are legally obliged or entitled to store. We reserve the right to anonymise material, comments and information published on the platform before this date.

(2) The Provider is entitled to terminate the membership of a User if, for example, this User violates the Terms of Use or has not logged in for a period exceeding six months.

(3) The Provider is entitled but not obliged to delete the contents posted by the User after termination of membership. The User does not have the right to have the posted content returned to him/her. The rights conferred by the User in Paragraph 7 are valid for an unlimited period.

9. Changes to the Terms of Use/changes to the service offered

(1) The Provider is entitled to make changes to the service provided or to terminate this service.

(2) The Provider reserves the right to change these Terms of Use with an effect on the future. In this case, we will inform you in advance about any changes and warn you that the changes are seen as accepted by you unless you formally object to these changes within 30 days or as soon as you use the platform again. The current and valid version of the Terms of Use can be accessed by clicking the hyperlink "Terms of Use" on the platform.

10. Responsibility

(1) The person who has made content available on the platform bears sole responsibility for all comments, information, data, software, sounds, pictures, photos, illustrations, videos, information or other material ("content") which has been stored, published or transmitted by you by using the platform.

(2) The User ensures that he/she owns all necessary rights to the content made available by him/her on the platform, unlimited rights of use and no third party rights violate these rights. Should however any third party make a claim due to infringement of rights, the User shall exempt Daimler Truck AG from any claims made in this respect. The exemption includes the costs of any appropriate legal defence.

11. Privacy

The provider collects, processes and uses personal data of the user in accordance with these Terms of consents for the purposes of providing the Community and its functions and if the user is in a further processing and use. Please also see our Privacy Policy.

12. Other

(1)The legal relationship between the Provider and the Users is subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

(2) As far as is legally permissible and can be agreed, the place of contractual fulfilment and exclusive court of jurisdiction is Stuttgart.

(3) The ineffectiveness of a clause in these Terms of Use does not affect the legal effectiveness of the remaining provisions.



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