Part 2: A long journey ahead of him

Malmedie at the limit

A long journey ahead of him: Matthias' path to obtaining his truck driver's licence.

First time behind the wheel and behind a school desk.

A first for horsepower aficionado Matthias Malmedie: this is the first time he will be allowed to get behind the wheel of a HGV and take the "Driving school" sign for a little ride. 

And for him, that will mean pulling his head in, learning lots of new material and forgetting everything he ever knew about engines. 

The driving instructor, though, will be having a whale of a time. 

After all, bringing a motoring journalist into line who is normally only used to driving sports cars, isn't something you get to do every day of the week. 

Despite his difficult start, will Matthias succeed in getting himself fit for the final assessment in just two weeks' time? Can he impress the assessor with his driving ability?

Stick with us to find out the answer. All right here as part of "Malmedie at the limit".

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