Only on RoadStars: “The Plant” – the online action-packed documentary

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Where do our trucks actually come from? We'll show you!

For all those of you who can't get enough of the Actros and co.: check out our new series, “The Plant”.

Not all RoadStars have had the opportunity to make a stop off at the plant in Wörth. That's why we have decided to open up the gates of the Wörth plant for everyone as part of our online action-packed documentary “The Plant”.

As an expert on all things horsepower, Matthias Malmedie takes us through the biggest truck assembly plant in the world and provides viewers with insights which normally only the employees get to see. The episodes aren't available on Netflix or Amazon. They're exclusively available here on RoadStars!

Looking forward to it? So are we!

Check out our teaser and tell us what you think!

From 23 February 2018, you will then get to see a new episode each week.

Don't miss a thing: here you will find all of the episodes of our exclusive ten-part, action-packed online documentary series about truck assembly in the Wörth plant.