Part 1: The road to his driving licence

Malmedie at the limit

All beginnings are difficult.

Matthias sweats it out during the theory lesson.

But there's one thing that has to be said about horsepower-mad presenter Matthias Malmedie: he'll take on any challenge you throw at him.

But this one might just push the automotive expert to his limits: his very own truck driving licence.

In just two weeks.
Without any experience behind the wheel of a truck.
Without any helping hands.

RoadStars made Matthias an offer he couldn't refuse as part of the filming for our "The Plant" series: you'll be taking your trucker's driving licence. And we'll be on-board with you. And the conditions will be tougher than normal.

Exclusively for RoadStars, one of Germany's best-known automotive TV presenters has set out on his mission to obtain the golden ticket of the trucking world.

First things first: the driving instructor isn't going to be pussy-footing around him. In 25 years of diligent service, only two students have successfully come up to his military-like criteria.

For Matthias that will mean a lot of heads-down studying.

Will he make it? What do you think?