RoadStars is sending Matthias Malmedie on an extreme challenge

Malmedie at the limit

Take a look for yourself: the biggest challenge Matthias Malmedie has faced to date! In "Malmedie at the limit"!

RoadStars will be following the presenter during his toughest test to date.

How do you scare a man who has driven the fastest cars on race tracks? Put him behind the wheel of a truck. And then send him back to school.

Matthias Malmedie fulfils his dream: exclusively on RoadStars, he'll be learning to drive a truck. Normally never short of the odd comment or two, Matthias quickly became speechless. From the first few minutes, it was clear that we weren't going to make his life easy. Specialist knowledge, hard work and above all: nerves of steel. That's exactly what you need to pass the test. 

As part of our "The Plant" series, Germany's most well-known automotive TV presenter, Matthias Malmedie, got up-close with Mercedes-Benz Trucks. But he's still never actually driven one.

So will Malmedie be holding a licence in his hands in just two weeks' time?  
Keep following us and see for yourself! Exclusively here on RoadStars, of course!