A job in the desert: two Arocs trucks in Dubai


In another dimension.

Heavy haulage for a solar park: how some huge tanks were transported across Dubai. Some impressive footage from along the route.

The deep-water port of Jebel Ali in Dubai is the most heavily frequented port in the Middle East. From the port, some immense tanks needed to be transported around 90 kilometres inland.

The dimensions of the cargo were truly astounding. Each tank measures 52 metres in length, six metres in height and 5.3 metres across. And the weight each of these beasts is equally impressive at around 200 tonnes, all of which will be spread over a total of 30 heavy-duty axles.

The freight’s destination is Saih Al-Dahal, where the world’s largest solar park is currently being created. These tanks will form part of an overflow storage system on the site.

Road-building is also part of the task.

Even for the experienced team of the Al Faris Group, this job was a true challenge. To take on this colossal task, the company, which has been present in this market for 28 years, put their trust in two new Arocs trucks for loads of up to 250 tonnes. Their two 6×6 trucks are equipped with the powerful 425 kW six-cylinder OM 473 engine. Both vehicles are also fitted with a crucial piece of technology which is perfectly adapted to this type of operation: the wear-free turbo retarder clutch. “This clutch is fantastic. Plus, the truck has so much power,” explains one of the drivers about his vehicle.

Before beginning the transport of this immense cargo, a team of experts from the company had to carry out detailed analyses in order to determine a suitable route. On some sections of the journey, it was even necessary to carry out massive modifications to the roads, as well as to set up diversions and provisional traffic routing. And to avoid height restrictions, the team even had to build a temporary bypass road. Overall, around 25 people worked on the transport.

Our video shows some striking images of the route which the two Arocs trucks followed – come and take a look for yourself!

Photos & video: Daimler AG