The eActros in winter: Q&As

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The eActros in winter, what are the essentials? Tips for driving in low temperatures.

Minus temperatures and snow-covered or icy roads, short days and poor visibility: winter is always a special challenge for trucks and drivers. Tests in Finland at the beginning of 2023 once again impressively demonstrated that the eActros is fully operational even in very wintry conditions. But what are actually the essentials for handling the eActros in winter? Frequently asked questions:

How do the eActros batteries react to cold?

Regardless of which cell technology is installed: if the battery temperature drops due to the low outside temperature, the battery's internal resistance increases. This increases the power loss and slightly less energy can be used. In order to reduce negative influences on the range in cold ambient temperatures, the battery can be preconditioned at the charging station with a selectable charging mode. The battery is heated, which reduces the internal resistance and enables maximum power consumption.

What exactly does preconditioning of the battery mean?

If the vehicle is parked for a long time in cold or warm ambient temperatures and it would take many hours for the battery to reach an optimal temperature, the driver can set a departure time by which the battery is brought to this optimal temperature.

What is the difference from normal battery conditioning?

During normal conditioning, the battery is automatically brought to the optimal operating temperature window during operation. This occurs while driving or while parked with the high‑voltage system switched on. As far as technically possible, the high‑voltage battery itself remains at the ideal operating point.

Up to what minus temperature can the eActros batteries still be charged?

At low temperatures, the heating switches on automatically during the charging process. The heater then warms the battery until power can flow again and the battery can be re-charged. At temperatures below minus 19 degrees, the high-voltage battery system switches to self-protection in order to preserve the cell service life.

To what extent is the eActros's range reduced in extreme cold?

There is no one size fits all answer, as many factors play a role here. Heating the cab and the battery is definitely worthwhile in cold weather. It should also be noted that the rolling resistance of the tyres and the resistance due to the aerodynamic inflow of cold air are higher. Cold drive bearings also have greater resistance, which in turn increases consumption. Overall, consumption in winter conditions will increase initially, but will improve over the course of the day as the vehicle is put into operation.

Does the eActros behave differently to a diesel truck when on a snow-covered road?

Extensive winter testing by Mercedes‑Benz Trucks has shown that the eActros also proves its worth on snow-covered carriageways. Especially due to the lower centre of gravity created from the positioning of the batteries, the eActros also has excellent traction in addition to its high driving dynamics.

Can I mount snow chains on the eActros?

Yes, there are no design‑related restrictions for snow chains.

Photos: Daimler Truck AG