Are you ready for winter?


Isn't it just beautiful? Or is it just really hard?

Winter can be a challenge – especially when you’re on the road in a truck all week long. We want to know: How do you get through the winter?

Temperatures are falling, snow and ice are on the way. That has always been the backdrop for some great driver anecdotes. Whether it be timber transport in Finland, driver events in Sweden, or the biathlon in Oberhof. We will give you a glimpse of our highlights in the video.

Your experiences.

But we also want to know how you get through the winter with your trucks and what tips you have for drivers who haven't driven in snow and ice very often. And we are also of course looking forward to those photos in the snow. Just post what you want to share here in the comments – we’re looking forward to them!

Photo: Christoph Börries
Video: Matthias Aletseee, Begoña Tremps, Martin Schneider-Lau, 4-Xtremes