Season 4: “On the logging trail” – Episodes 10-12


On the logging trail.

After having completed his truck driver’s licence, it’s now time for Matthias Malmedie to head out on a double shift. With an experienced colleague by his side, he’ll be going through the motions of a professional trucker’s daily tasks. Not only will he be tackling the challenges of short-radius distribution, he’ll also be collecting milk, as well as transporting stone chippings, gravel and sand, and even ensuring that no-one runs out of work at the sawmill. Specially for RoadStars, Matthias Malmedie will be transporting real products to real customers and will need to work really hard.

In his ultimate challenge, RoadStars will be sending Matthias Malmedie trucking on the logging trail. With an Arocs wood transporter, he’ll be facing loose underground and driving in the forest, as well as having to use a crane to load his truck. And then his load will, of course, need securing and the heavily-laden wagon will need to make its way back out of the forest before arriving both safely and punctually at the sawmill. Will he manage it accident-free?