Season 3: “From gravel to hay” – Episodes 7-9


From gravel to hay.

After having completed his truck driver’s licence, it’s now time for Matthias Malmedie to head out on a double shift. With an experienced colleague by his side, he’ll be going through the motions of a professional trucker’s daily tasks. Not only will he be tackling the challenges of short-radius distribution, he’ll also be collecting milk, as well as transporting stone chippings, gravel and sand, and even ensuring that no-one runs out of work at the sawmill.

Normally, Matthias Malmedie spends his days kicking up dust on the racetrack, but today it’s a different kind of dust in the air. He’ll be driving an Arocs tipper semitrailer, transporting pebbles and delivering gravel to construction sites. Nonetheless, he’ll be keeping a cool head all the time when pulling away thanks to the Hydraulic Auxiliary Drive system, even on steep inclines. All in all, he'll have to master a range of challenges involving gravel, sand and stone chippings.