RoadStars fair-play rules


Ensuring fair and friendly banter.

It's great that you're a part of the RoadStars community! We love to hear about your truck stories and your feedback about our articles. Of course there are a few basic rules that every user needs to abide by.

  1. Please be nice to each other. Opinions and tastes may differ. So you should tolerate opinions that aren't the same as your own. Constructive criticism is always welcome as long as it is expressed in a respectful and polite manner. We will not tolerate provocation, abuse, slander, insults or even threats towards other users, our staff or us.
  2. Content that is a glorification of violence, pornographic, sexist, racist, harmful to young persons, criminal, radical or anti-constitutional, or content directed against the LGBT community have no place here. Such content will be banned from our website.
  3. As an international company, we consider ourselves to be an organisation that is neutral in its philosophy. We are the wrong platform for political or religious propaganda.
  4. Respect the rights of third parties, for example copyright, personal rights, image and brand rights. Do not post photos on our platform that you have not taken yourselves or for which you do not own the user rights. The same applies vice versa: you are welcome to share our articles and photos, but always with a source reference; please do not use our photos in other contexts and without indicating the author. Make sure that your photos do not show people who have not agreed to have their photo published on our platform.
  5. Treat confidential data and information that is not intended for the public with great care. Please do not post details such as private addresses, telephone or mobile phone numbers on our platform – neither your own nor those of third parties.
  6. Avoid posting anything on our wall that is not specifically related to trucks, the day-to-day life of truckers, RoadStars, Mercedes-Benz or Daimler.
  7. Commercial posts (private sales or similar) and spam have no place on our website. We will remove them without comment and depending on the severity of the misconduct you may be banned.
  8. Multi-posts of the same content also count as spam and will be removed.
If we notice that a discussion is getting out of hand, we will intervene and, by issuing a warning, will remind users of our fair-play rules. We also reserve the right to remove such posts as we see fit (without comment) and to ban the user from our platform.
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Thank you!