Stefan Wehrheim's Actros L


“I could dance in here.”

Stefan Wehrheim drives national long-haul transportation routes. He transports AdBlue for an energy provider in his tanker semitrailer. His tractor: an Actros L 1853.

Stefan Wehrheim.
Stefan Wehrheim.

Stefan Wehrheim has known he would be a driver ever since he was a child. His parents had a beverage wholesaler and fleet – he grew up with trucks. “The fascination was always there”, says the 53-year-old. He has been driving for ROTH Energie in Gießen for five years now. “I still enjoy it”, says Stefan as he prepares his Actros L 1853 for the next run on a Monday morning.

It was also this truck that brought about significant changes to his working life last year. Talking about his Actros L, he says: “There’s nothing bigger than this vehicle.” Never before has he had so much space in the cab. “I could dance in here”, says Stefan about the space available in the Mercedes‑Benz Trucks flagship.

"I don't want to have to go without a cab like this ever again. I can no longer imagine anything else."

– Stefan Wehrheim, driver for ROTH Energie

Stefan usually drives for the energy provider ROTH Energie AdBlue from its production sites in Wittenberg, Ludwigshafen and Hamm to various commercial customers such as freight forwarders, agricultural companies, local public transport companies and, of course, also to the company’s petrol stations. He often travels at night and regularly sleeps in the truck during the week, so the SoloStar Concept with its comfortable armchair on the rear wall of the cab, as well as the many storage compartments in the Actros L are very useful for his everyday work. Stefan: "I don't want to have to go without a cab like this ever again. I can no longer imagine anything else."

When some time ago it became apparent that Stefan would be taking on long-haul AdBlue trips, it was clear that he should get a suitable vehicle. “The fleet management then asked me for a little patience because we wanted to wait until the Actros L was available.” Stefan hadn't heard of the new premium truck before. "I was shown a video of the Actros L and I knew that it would be worth the wait!

Update of the MirrorCam.

But it’s not just the space available that makes this the perfect truck for Stefan. His 1853 has also been installed with the second generation MirrorCam. It's clearly recognisable, with its shorter camera arms and the new drip edge. As part of the update, the developers of Mercedes‑Benz Trucks put the image parameters to the test again. The MirrorCam can now reproduce an even higher contrast range, and colour reproduction and brightness have once more been optimised. Altogether, this produces an even more detailed image which is of even greater help to the driver. Stefan: “I quickly got used to the system; now I no longer want to go without it.” And he doesn't have to; Stefan will doubtless be continuing to do his job for a good few years yet!

Photos: Michael Neuhaus
Video: Martin Schneider-Lau