Diesel particulate filter swap-out


Drive longer, save longer.

The diesel particulate filter on all Euro VI Mercedes-Benz trucks is good for the environment and for your budget. With the Full-Service Package there’s no extra stop at the garage for the installation of the original exchangeable part.

Everything included. The Full-Service Package includes a diesel particulate filter, cleaned according to a certified procedure, the profile and tightening clamps, the sealing gasket, as well as installation and a warranty.

Kilometre for kilometre, operating hour for operating hour, it ensures that the Mercedes-Benz Euro VI truck engines reliably fulfill the emissions standards prescribed by law: the diesel particulate filter. But the non-stop fishing of sooty particulate from the exhaust means it has to be cleaned at some point. A new diesel particulate filter always stands ready to be installed when the old one is removed, so that a truck has the shortest possible downtime. In order to ensure quick availability, Mercedes-Benz offers fully cleaned diesel particulate filters in a revolving exchange system. Most importantly: “There’s no extra stop necessary for the exchange”, says Marie-Christin Ueberfeldt, the product manager who helped develop the diesel particulate filter Service Package. The filter cleaning is timed to coincide with the truck’s regular maintenance schedule.

The Full-Service Package also includes the clamps and gaskets for the filter exchange, a safety seal, and professional installation with the same warranty as a Mercedes-Benz original part. By returning the used part, the customers themselves help to keep the price low.

The diesel particulate filters are cleaned with a procedure patented by Mercedes-Benz, and are checked rigorously. That guarantees the quality of the new part. In the processing centre, the filter is put through a highly efficient and non-damaging combination cleansing process, which removes nearly 100% of the diesel particulate. The process uses temperatures lower than 100° Celsius, so that the catalytic filter coating isn’t damaged, allowing the filter to be recycled again and again while ensuring the compliance with the statutory regulations. The high degree of cleanliness of the cleaned diesel particulate filter guarantees a low exhaust back pressure, which contributes to fuel efficiency. It also means that the filter must not be cleaned as often.

The overall economic performance is further optimised with: highest degree of cleanliness for the best fuel efficiency and long maintenance intervals, revolving exchange and coordination with other maintenance schedules for the shortest possible waiting times at the garage, and last but not least a low price as a result of the exchange procedure.

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