Oil: Genuine quality always pays

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The right oil is crucial for a truck’s engine performance, service life and fuel consumption. Daimler oil expert Nikolaos Savvanis explains why Mercedes-Benz offers its own engine oil and what its production has to do with Coca-Cola.

Inner values are crucial. No matter how closely Nikolaos Savvanis and Karlheinz Hertweck, who is foreman at the Engine Test Bay in Untertürkheim, look at it: they can’t tell from its outside appearance which oil is the right one. “What matters most is that the oil matches the respective engine,” says Savvanis.

Mr Savvanis, what qualities must a good engine oil have?

Savvanis: It should have four main properties. First, it must lubricate in order to minimise the mechanical friction. In addition, it must conduct away the heat generated by the engine, in other words cool it down. Sealing is also important, for example between the cylinder and the piston, to reduce losses of pressure as well as the escape of exhaust emissions into the oil sump. The fourth important quality is that the oil must keep the engine clean and free from dirt. The special challenge is that the engine oil has to work perfectly under the extreme conditions to which engines are often exposed.

How does the Mercedes-Benz Genuine Engine Oil meet these requirements?

Savvanis: It always guarantees perfect viscosity, for example. This ensures that the oil film does not crack under extreme conditions and also allows for perfect circulation of the oil in the engine. The engine’s performance and efficiency are thus enhanced and the energy losses are kept low. Tests have shown that compared to standard oils our high-performance lubricants are able to lower fuel consumption. In addition, the wear of the engines is substantially reduced, which extends their service life. Our engine oil enables longer oil change intervals, less downtime through a reduced need for maintenance and thus lower operating costs.

What does the Mercedes-Benz Genuine Engine Oil consist of?

Savvanis: We use high-performance lubricants only. The base oil is manufactured in a special synthesis process. This enables optimal viscosity at all temperatures and ideal flow characteristics. The base oil is enhanced by special active agents. These additives are, for example, antioxidants or wear and corrosion protection agents. Dispergents and detergents are used to prevent any soiling of the engine.

These substances can also be found in other lubricants. What is special about your engine oil?

Savvanis: The most important aspect is the optimal interaction of the components. This ensures the high quality and efficiency of the Mercedes-Benz Genuine Engine Oil. This special mix is the result of years of development work and is as top-secret as the formulation for Coca-Cola.

How can I recognise a good engine oil? Are there certain characteristic features such as the colour or the percentage of additives?

Savvanis: You can tell that it’s a good engine oil by the star on the bottle! But seriously: there are no general recognisable features. What counts most is that the oil is optimally aligned to the requirements of respective engines. That’s why the same team that is responsible for the engines is also involved in the development of the oil. No-one can better judge which oil is the right one than the people who developed the engine. The result is an engine oil that is a perfect match for the vehicles of Mercedes-Benz.