Suction excavator: new technology in operation on an Arocs base vehicle

Vehicle & Technology

Much quicker than digging!

Mobile suction systems are the innovation in underground engineering. They allow operations to be reduced to a minimum duration as well as damage-free excavation work. This reduces costs enormously. One of the first suction excavators on an Arocs base vehicle is now being used in Cuxhaven at Peter Plambeck Containerdienst.

Complete control. When operating the suction excavator, Uwe Schirwinski uses the remote control to not only control the power arm with suction hose, but simultaneously also the Arocs.

It's just a small, inconspicuous rotary switch on the dashboard, but when Uwe Schirwinski operates the switch labelled "drive/suction", the body of his new Arocs suction excavator means business. "At first, some passers-by think there's a plane is taking off," says the 46-year-old trucker from Peter Plambeck Containerdienst in Cuxhaven with a wink.