Unique – the Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3363 LS 6x4


Unique – the Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3363 LS 6x4 belonging to Eric Hostettmann Transports de Grumes.

For the well-established company Eric Hostettmann Transports de Grumes, the newest addition to its fleet is a dream come true. The Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3363 LS 6x4 stands out from the crowd, is something special, a sight to behold. And is especially equipped to transport timber logs across Europe.

No question, it is a head-turner. It's bright blue colour, decorated with countless stars and in combination with a rich yellow tone, gives it that eye-catching quality. No ifs or buts. The bull bars made of chromium steel, the protected radiator grille and the unusually arranged LED linear lighting above the made-to-measure ClassicSpace L cab which comprises a width of 2.30 m plus a flat floor and air suspension create as much of a stir as the special Epsilon S 300 L 83 crane body.

By your leave: the Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3363 LS 6x4.

The name of the happy owner is Fredy Hostettmann and he is the co-proprietor and managing director of Eric Hostettman Transports de Grumes. “The delivery took place in March 2015. It was a pretty emotional moment”, he says and adds “The newest addition to our fleet is altogether different, or maybe I should say, anything other than commonplace in many ways.” What the trained chauffeur means by that is, for example, the light-alloy Alcoa Dura-Bright wheel rims allowing for an increased front axle load of up to nine tonnes, but, even more than that, the low fuel consumption and the 460 kW (625 hp) and 3000 Nm torque of the OM 473 Euro VI engine. “And that's not all. The turbo retarder clutch is a real treat because it allows the driver to pull away, manoeuvre and brake wear-free”, adds the true businessman.

He also lists the High Performance Engine Brake with up to 475 kW braking power as well as the automated Mercedes PowerShift 3 manual transmission. And the now 30 year-old business partnership with Kestenholz Nutzfahrzeuge AG, in Pratteln BL. “We are a traditional family business. I represent what is now the third generation. My father had already worked with Kestenholz and he, too, always stayed true to the Mercedes-Benz brand.” For Fredy Hostettmann, the Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3363 LS 6x4 is a dream come true. And now, he just can't keep down a smile of joy and pride. “Our little baby is absolutely robust. But it's also pretty cool, as well. I had wanted something special for some time and now, I've got something truly exceptional.”

In addition, he describes the Arocs as super comfortable, a real powerhouse and, on top of that, totally reliable. “All these points were requirements for us as we transport timber logs from Switzerland to destinations as far away as France. That's why we need guaranteed quality. Guaranteed quality which is also ergonomically convincing.” The robust, solid construction of the chassis, the suspension and the framework are as indispensable as the easy steerability. All in all – drive, chassis, suspension and frame all work in perfect harmony to allow the Arocs to rise above even the toughest conditions. “I would buy this Arocs again, with exactly the same equipment”, is Hostettmann's final comment. Yes, he remains visibly proud of his baby.