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RoadEfficiency: now two new animations explain the topics of total costs and safety even more clearly and simply.

Drivers have never known such extensive support. Mercedes-Benz trucks set the standards on all types of road haulage route. The RoadEfficiency concept now brings a new set of tools to truckers in order to make their everyday life safer and less stressful. The concept is based on three pillars: low overall costs, great levels of safety and high vehicle usage.

Low total costs: less consumption, more power.

Costs are becoming increasingly important. A new animation at demonstrates and explains how extremely efficient Mercedes-Benz Trucks are at keeping costs under control.

The developers at Mercedes-Benz Trucks have implemented a whole host of detailed modifications and further reduced the consumption of the Actros. Drivers now enjoy a better optimised drivetrain. On the road, drivers benefit from more torque, even in the low engine speed range. The shifting strategy of Predictive Powertrain Control was again also subject to improvements and, together with the optimised Mercedes PowerShift 3 transmission, both systems ensure even more driving pleasure. All in all, the measures implemented on the vehicle and drivetrain bring, among other things, up to a six-percent reduction in fuel consumption, depending on the engine and equipment version.

Safety first: Active Brake Assist 4 and Sideguard Assist.

Safety takes first place at Mercedes-Benz Trucks. The new animation at demonstrates the most important safety features.

The safety of the driver has been further maximised by two innovative assistance systems. Especially when covering the last couple of miles, where drivers share the road with pedestrians and cyclists and where it is thus even more difficult to maintain a good overview of the situation. RoadEfficiency makes driving even safer. As the world's first system of its kind, Active Brake Assist 4 warns of a potential collision with moving pedestrians and also simultaneously initiates a partial application of the brakes if this is required. Drivers therefore have the possibility to avoid a collision by means of a full application of the brakes or by steering to avoid the obstacle. Equally new is Sideguard Assist. It can help prevent pedestrians and cyclists from being overlooked on the right-hand side of the entire tractor/trailer combination and thus supports the driver in the case of poor visibility or in the hours of darkness. Furthermore, the system can warn when the vehicle is changing lanes if there is an imminent risk of collision.

High vehicle usage: less stress thanks to integrated assistance systems.

Cleaning the diesel particulate filter before it causes problems, no longer filling up AdBlue too late, and always driving with the right tyre pressure – small tasks carried out in a timely manner often help avoid long workshops visits. That's also part of the RoadEfficiency principle. Mercedes-Benz Uptime saves truck drivers and fleet managers stress and bother. The new service continually calls up the operating state using the truck's internal sensors, then creates a real-time diagnosis and warns well in advance of critical situations arising. Mercedes-Benz Uptime subsequently provides specific recommendations for action which can help avoid breakdowns. What's more, upcoming maintenance can be intelligently coupled in order to carry out several measures simultaneously as part of a single visit to the workshop. Should something need repairing immediately, the Customer Assistance Center will be happy to assist you in planning a workshop stop along the planned route of your truck. Ideally, these processes will be adjusted to suit the loading and unloading times, or the driver's break times, in order to avoid disruptions to transport orders.

All advantages and all information on a single internet platform.

RoadEfficiency bundles together an entire package of innovations in one great concept. All advantages for the driver and the haulage company, as well as all other information can be found in the overview on the Mercedes-Benz RoadEfficiency platform.

Mercedes-Benz RoadEfficiency

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