Almost a donor vehicle: Jörg Bertgen's L 311

Classic vehicle

Far too good.

Jörg Bertgen initially bought it to serve as a donor vehicle for another project. But the collector was so impressed by the substance of the L 311 that he decided to keep the classic vehicle.

Jörg Bertgen.

The model series.

At the end of the 1940s and the beginning of the 1950s, the medium-duty truck sector was still dominated by petrol engines. That changed with the L 3250. The newly developed OM 312 six-cylinder engine was impressive from the start with its smooth running and light weight.

Only a few months later, the truck was renamed to the L 3500 and was then able to shoulder 250 kilogrammes more payload. From 1955 the L 3500 became the L 311. Built in Mannheim until 1961, the design remained basically unchanged for about twelve years.

Photos and video: Jan Potente