Food, coal and weddings for this Actros


An Actros transports animal feed, apples, aggregates... and a bride!

Paul East uses his Actros 2448 LS to deliver all sorts. Primarily he transports animal feed, but also dabbles in transporting apples, aggregates and has used it for the odd special delivery.

From apples to aggregates in an Actros.  

Paul loves being his own boss. He also loves the freedom of the open road and the reliability of his Actros. Paul is a self-employed trucker delivering animal feed to farms throughout Herefordshire and transports apples from apple mills in Manchester and Liverpool, for three months of the year during harvest season. He occasionally carries coal and aggregates too – you could say Paul likes variety!

Driving like Dad.

With a driving career spanning 26 years, Paul knows a thing or two about life on the road. His father was a driver before him so you could say it runs in the family.

In fact, his other favourite vehicle is a vintage ERF B Series truck which he restored himself, “My father had a brand new one in 1980 when I was nine years old. It’s a replica of the one he drove and painted in the livery of the company he drove for,” describes Paul.

And whenever the retro truck needs moving, he of course uses his reliable Actros to do the job!

A special truck journey.

Paul’s truck also had a starring role in his stepdaughter’s wedding back in 2018 when the bride requested to be driven to the church in his Actros! Spruced up with blue ribbon and the added decal “To the new Mr and Mrs Brickel”, the bride made quite the entrance.

Again, Paul had no doubts about trusting his truck with such an important and special task and the bride was thrilled with her unique transportation!

“The Mercedes-Benz Actros is a very driver-friendly truck with a quality build.”

– Paul East

A well-built truck.

Paul’s currently on his second Mercedes-Benz Truck and highly recommends the brand for its reliability and comfort. He’s impressed by the well-designed cab and living space, essential for those long journeys. Ultimately, Paul appreciates the quality and craftsmanship of his vehicle.

“The Mercedes-Benz Actros is a very driver-friendly truck with a quality build. From an owner’s point of view, it turns up for work every day and does exactly what it says on the tin,” he explains.

Has your truck been used for a special journey?

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