Milk transport: the Antos 1840 Loader at Huchel Transport

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After completing an agricultural apprenticeship and graduating from college, Ralf Huchel founded his own transport company in 1991. Today, he has 80 employees and relies on the Antos Loader to transport milk.

Ralf Huchel, Geschäftsführer Huchel Transport GmbH.

The Germans consume around 91 kilogrammes of fresh milk products per head annually. This consumption is backed up by a high-performance and efficient logistical network where high weights and challenging routes are par for the course.

“For dairy farmers, Huchel Transport GmbH has been the link to milk-processing companies in Northern Germany for 25 years. From Ihleburg near Magdeburg, our 80 employees organise the smooth collection of raw milk. In order to be able to offer our customers very good conditions in an extremely price-sensitive market, we have depended on six Antos 1840 Loader trucks for more than a year now.

Since then, you could say that the number three is the magic number for our raw milk collections: we have three tonnes vehicle weight saving compared to a conventionally configured milk tanker. As a result, we have a total of three tonnes extra load capacity available on each tour to the dairy and can thus transport more milk.

Due to the empty runs on the return journey, we use a total of three litres less fuel over 100 kilometres. With six tours a day per vehicle in the peak phase in May when the cows are calving and producing a lot of milk, it is easy to work out how much more efficient our tours are over the same number of kilometres when we do it this way.”

Ralf Huchel, Managing Director of Huchel Transport GmbH

Photos: Kristian Barthen

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