4-Xtremes – Part 57: The Fab Four plus two with Andrea and Mike

Series: 4-Xtremes – The World Tour

More than football and the Beatles.

Highly recommended: Mike and Andrea meet "The Beatles" and inspect Daimler vehicles that are not quite what they seem.

This 5.5-tonne truck is almost 100 years old. Even though it has a Daimler logo, it was actually made in Britain.

Recently, it's been just the two of us on our 4-Xtremes – The World Tour. We already told you how we had to say goodbye to our dog Aimée. We stayed on a campsite for a few days to come to terms with things and then took a few short trips through North Wales.

We only regained a spring in our steps when we crossed the border into England and arrived in Liverpool – a city that’s always worth a visit. We parked the Axor on the Queens Dock, the central area of Liverpool’s port. This put us right in the middle of things because this is the heart of the city.

 Double-decker buses, trams and coal trains, …
Double-decker buses, trams and coal trains, …
... historical clothes and everyday objects: the Beamish Museum brings British history to life.
... historical clothes and everyday objects: the Beamish Museum brings British history to life.

Hypermodern museums stand side by side with historic stone buildings, there are old ships to marvel at and much more. Naturally, Liverpool is famous the world over for football and the Beatles. We met the Fab Four – or the four life-sized statues of John, Paul, George and Ringo to be precise – and briefly introduced ourselves.

Perhaps more exciting for you RoadStars was the Beamish Museum: an open-air museum where you can experience different eras of British history. The historic double-decker buses are a particular highlight. Strangely, some of them have Daimler logos. We asked why: these are British-made vehicles whose manufacturers acquired the Daimler naming rights from Germany.

In a Victorian-era workshop, we came across another Daimler: a 5.5-tonne truck. We peeked inside the cab and were amazed at the arrangement of the pedals: clutch on the right, accelerator pedal in the middle. The vehicle is petrol-driven and only has rear brakes and no shock absorbers.

British charm meets hypermodernism at Queen’s Dock in Liverpool.
British charm meets hypermodernism at Queen’s Dock in Liverpool.

The small truck will be put back into operation next year to celebrate its centenary. We’d love to have seen that but, of course, we couldn't stay that long. So we climbed back aboard our Axor. At 15 years old, it’s a spring chicken in comparison, but thankfully a well-sprung one. Onwards to the North!

4-Xtremes – The World Tour.

An unparalleled journey.

Andrea and Mike Kammermann have been on tour in their Axor for three years. "4-Xtremes – The World Tour" is the motto of the journey that the two Swiss nationals embarked on in mid-2020 and which they share with the RoadStars community. Keep up to date and don't miss out on any of the stunning destinations visited by the adventurous pair.

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