4-Xtremes – part 39: Andrea and Mike wish you a Happy New Year!

Series: 4-Xtremes – The World Tour

Choppy ocean, cheerful greetings!

They started out on the Adriatic in 2021 and are ending on the wild Atlantic: The Kammermanns send New Year’s greetings to the RoadStars community from Cabo Touriñán in the far west of Spain. They have made a video of their highlights from the past 365 days.

4-Xtremes – The World Tour.

An unparalleled journey.

Andrea and Mike Kammermann have been on tour in their Axor for three years. "4-Xtremes – The World Tour" is the motto of the journey that the two Swiss nationals embarked on in mid-2020 and which they share with the RoadStars community. Keep up to date and don't miss out on any of the stunning destinations visited by the adventurous pair.

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Photos: 4-Xtremes