Truck Surf Hotel, the truck of your dreams!


A trip on-board an Actros.

Converting an Actros into an adventure and recreational vehicle – a difficult task which a pair from Portugal have mastered.

Surfing, trekking, horse-riding, discovering cultures and wonderful landscapes, relaxation or even yoga – Daniela Carneiro and Eduardo Ribeiro offer this adventure mix with their concept for the Truck Surf Hotel.

Based on a Mercedes-Benz Actros, this vehicle makes it possible to always have your own home “with you” and to enjoy every moment.

This is ideal for travellers who want to learn to surf, for advanced surfers who want to improve their skills or for adventurers who love activities in the great outdoors. It is just as suitable for sports groups, teams of competitive athletes and team-building events.

A typical day on-board the hotel.

Every day you wake up with a magnificent view in the heart of nature and enjoy a tasty breakfast on-board the TSH. The team takes adventurers to incredible places in Portugal or Morocco, depending on the type of trip booked: they surf at different beaches along the coast or explore nature and the culture of the regions they visit. (Or even both!)

At the end of the day they relax, take a hot shower in the truck, drink a cool beer and enjoy the sunset during a tasty BBQ. Over the week they follow different routes and discover fascinating places.

A human adventure.

It is Daniela Carneiro and Eduardo Ribeiro, two young Portuguese natives, who make this experience possible.

Daniela Carneiro:

Surfer and nature fan. This sport has changed her life. She used to be involved in environmental engineering. In 2013 she decided to begin a new life and to discover the most popular surfing spots in places like Portugal, Morocco, Indonesia, Hawaii, Mexico or Brazil. She is a guide on-board the Truck Surf Hotel.

Eduardo Ribeiro:

At 13, he began travelling in order to participate in surfing competitions. He is also a longboarder. Teaching water sports is his passion. And he likes it best of all while he is travelling in the Truck Surf Hotel.

“We have been travelling through Europe and Africa for years and have met with foreign cultures, discovered surfing spots, found new friends – and all that with the freedom of making every adventure a unique experience.”

In short, if you are looking for a dream holiday and want to explore various surfing spots, discover foreign cultures and enjoy outdoor activities and stunning natural surroundings, this is the right thing for you!

Dreams come true in this Actros.

This wonderful project was built on the basis of an Actros tractor unit and required numerous preparations – but it was worth it!

Notably, there is a hydraulic system with which the walls can be extended. The Actros converts into an unbelievable “hotel on wheels” with two floors, providing a lot of space and maximum comfort during a holiday.

A small palace.

A living room with a table and sofas for relaxing is located on the lower floor. It has a projector with which you can easily watch photos and videos that have been taken or recorded during the day. The kitchen is equipped so that meals and drinks can be prepared.

It is fitted with toilets and in the next room there is a bathroom in which you can take a pleasant and warm shower.

The outside area has a sun deck and seats on which you can relax and admire magnificent sunsets.

How do you get to the Surf Hotel truck?

Ready for a very special adventure?

And when do we start?

Text and photo material: Mercedes-Benz France