Mercedes-Benz Actros delivers for car transporter.


Falkirk Car Carriers explain why they chose the Actros for their fleet.

When moving vehicles all over the country, speed and reliability are of utmost importance. Falkirk Car Carriers had this in the front of their minds when they were choosing a new truck for their fleet earlier this year. Following on from their first Actros tractor unit, the company has now opted to start running a second, much to the pleasure of driver Jim French.

Company history.

Based in Grangemouth, family-owned Falkirk Car Carriers are used to travelling across the country several times a week. Specialising in multi- and single-vehicle deliveries nationwide, and even offering a European service, means they expect a lot from their trucks.

Their upcoming 20th anniversary seemed like the perfect reason to invest in a new truck, bringing the operating total to 16 across the company, with all but three of them tractor units.

Falkirk opted to start running a second Actros truck, and now both vehicles are pulling seven-car Voyager transporter trailers around the UK.

Humble beginnings.

Explaining the decision to order its first Actros, co-founder and director Yvonne Guild said: “We enjoy a great relationship with Mercedes-Benz through moving vehicles, so it made perfect sense to try the trucks.”

Co-founder and director Yvonne Guild with the Falkirk Actros trucks.

Initially buying the Actros 2551, with GigaSpace cab and a 12.8-litre straight-six engine, the company were quick to consider another Mercedes when the time came to expand the fleet. Thanks to its reliability and fuel economy, another Actros was the natural first choice.

The rest is, as they say, history. Like its predecessor, the new Actros arrival (a 2548) is the subject of a cost-effective Mercedes-Benz Financial Services contract hire agreement, and smartly finished, with colour-coded bumpers.

Driver verdict.

The Mercedes-Benz is a hit with driver Jim French, who prefers it to other vehicles he’s driven. Right from the off, the Actros models seem to have made an impression:

“I’ve been well impressed,” he said. “My Actros has loads of power and never slows down on the hills, while the driving position and seat comfort are excellent; I can drive all day and feel good at the end of it.”

This level of driver satisfaction was good news for Yvonne Guild, who said: “the fact that the Actros' are so well-liked by those who use them is so important – good drivers are hard to come by, so we try to look after our own.”

We wish all those at Falkirk Car Carriers safe and happy travels, and hope their new Actros continues to please for many miles to come!