Stephan Protzner and his luxurious Actros

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A bright white dream of a truck.

Stainless steel trim elements – Stephan Protzner's pride and joy. To have modifications made on his Actros, the Franconian even drives as far as Italy.

An eye for detail: over the course of the last two years, Stephan has been styling his truck little by little.

To celebrate 10 years of service, Stephan's employer Karl Transporte in Velburg, offered him a new Actros as his permanent vehicle. That was around two years ago and since then, the 43-year-old has been styling his truck bit by bit. He regularly has new details added: trim strips, stainless steel tubes, a special wheel bolt cover.

No journey is too far when it comes to beautifying his truck.

As part of his vehicle design hobby, the Franconian has already driven several times to Italy, where he meets up with a vendor near Lake Garda. That's where he had the stainless steel applications for the door handles, the spoiler frames for behind the cab and the high-sheen chrome headlamp bars on the roof perfectly tailored to his vehicle. The vendor at Lake Garda is a supplier for Stefan's friend Hermann Mösslacher whose company, Austria Inox, sells truck styling accessories to buyers across Europe.

Why such a love of detail and chrome? "These beautiful modifications turn my Actros into a truck which not many people have," explains Stephan. "It might not be a unique specimen, but it's not far off! And driving it makes each day truly enjoyable."

Today, however, the beautiful truck will remain parked. The "Oberland Trucker Treffen" meeting is taking place in Bad Tölz and Stephan is right there with his white Actros. Over 5000 visitors will come to admire the tractor units of around 180 drivers. "The trucks parked here are all works of art." A dream for every truck fan.

Meet like-minded people via RoadStars.

Even for Stephan, who is more than happily to proudly show off his truck. "Here, we're all like-minded people," he says, adding with a laugh that they are: "All people who love taking a cloth in their hand and cleaning every single corner of their trucks." He loves meeting up with other drivers, some of whom he got to know via RoadStars. He explains that the portal is an ideal place to exchange ideas. Specially developed for registered drivers, the blue steering wheel from RoadStars has definitely paid off for Stephan.

On the day after the event, he's back on the road. The majority of his routes are within Germany. Every now and again, he has to drive to Belgium, Austria or Italy. Inside the body of his tipper are loose bulk materials like salt, gravel or sand, and sometimes even apples. But it doesn't matter what he's transporting, he always makes a good appearance with his stylish white Actros.

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Photos: Stephan Protzner, Silja Schriever