A clean matter with the Econic 2635 L ENA 6×2/4


A clean matter with the Econic 2635.

The waste recovery association Kehrichtverwertung Thurgau (KVA-TG) and its subcontractors have put their trust in the Econic for years. The top quality from Mercedes-Benz paired with a unique low-entry concept make the Econic a popular municipal vehicle.

The Econic meets all road users including pedestrians at eye level.The driver's low seating position, the generous glass and additional safety systems ensure an unobstructed view of the road as well as footpaths in every direction – an important criterion in city centres and chaotic situations.

Entering and exiting the Econic is more convenient and safer than any other commercial vehicle because there are only two steps into the cab.In comparison to drivers of other trucks, this saves the driver of the Econic climbing hundreds of metres a day.

When it comes to waste disposal, a number of things come together.According to statistics from the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN), 2.78 million tonnes of municipal waste is thermally recovered across Switzerland. This great quantity must, of course, first of all be collected up.

"Yes, there is quite a lot to be done. The thermally recovered volume from what we collect amounts to around 350 kilograms of waste per capita per annum", confirms Dieter Nägeli, member of the executive board as well as head of market and logistics at the waste recovery association Kehrichtverwertung Thurgau."But we are well positioned" he adds,by which he means that various subcontractors such as the Hugelshofer Transport AG or the Ed. Vetter AG work on behalf of the KVA Thurgau.

The waste recovery association KVA Thurgau and its subcontractors recently invested in six Mercedes-Benz Econic 2635 L ENA 6×2/4. "The Econic is simply the best waste collection vehicle out there", states Bruno Vetter, workshop manager of Ed. Vetter AG, adding: "We are extremely satisfied with Mercedes-Benz, as we were with the Econic's predecessor."

Martin Lörtscher, CEO and member of the board of directors of the Hugelshofer Gruppe, states: "In KVA Thurgau's area of work, side loader vehicles are predominately used.Mercedes-Benz offers ideal solutions." By way of explanation, he continues: "When it comes to municipal vehicles, we have put our trust in the Econic for many years now.Waste collection vehicles must demonstrate a high level of availability and durability.Waste collection trips are carried out according to fixed plans.Vehicle down times lead to great expenses and in the end upset the public.With the new Econic we once again have a tried and tested vehicle."

The Hugelshofer Gruppe alone collects around 3500 tonnes of waste a year.Assuming a lifespan of 8 years for a waste collection vehicle, that makes a total of 28,000 tonnes that will be collected during the course of the 21,000 operating hours of the truck."Work quality is an important issue for us.Our drivers are very happy with their mobile place of work.Both the ergonomics and the overview are good, and the low-entry cab is a winner", enthuses Martin Lörtscher.

The six Artic-white Econics offer optimal conditions.The six-cylinder in-line OM 936 with an output of 260 kW (354 hp) and torque of 1400 Nm guarantees enough power. The flange-mounted automatic transmission and the additional anti-roll bar (back/trailing axle) ensure driving comfort.At the same time, the reverse warning device, Lane Keeping Assist, Active Brake Assist, the High Performance Engine Brake, gyroscope light bar as well as halogen fog lamps increase safety levels.

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