eActros Driving Experience: RoadStars community met in Wörth



24 RoadStars experienced the eActros live on it's home turf.

Part of the international RoadStars community came together for the eActros Driving Experience in Wörth and used the time for relaxed exchanges, exciting experiences and a cosy atmosphere among fellow drivers. Everyone had applied to take part in the event, and the decisive factor for the tickets was a bit of luck: They were awarded by lot. 

Many RoadStars had to come a long way for the time. Once again: it’s great that you were there and are keeping our community going. Thank you!

Factory tour and tricks at the dartboard.

From the Friday afternoon, the 24 participants from the Netherlands, Belgium, France, the Czech Republic, Germany and Switzerland were offered a cool programme: Anyone who had never seen how a state-of-the-art truck was built had the opportunity now, because the eActros Experience started after a lunch and a short welcome with tours along the production lines at the Wörth plant and through the still new Future Truck Center. Every eActros that rolls off the assembly line gets its battery packs and other high-voltage components here.

Afterwards we went to dinner with the touring coach. A small highlight on the side: professional darts player Florian Hempel was already waiting there and gave the participants some tips for their turn at the target. 

Saturday was all about the eActros, which the participants were now able to experience up really close. More about this next week. The two drivers Dennis Schumacher and Sebastian Wenzinger were in agreement and described the drive in the eActros 300 as "impressive".

There will be even more impressions of how the drivers experienced the eActros live soon here on RoadStars.

Photos: Matthias Aletsee
Video: Martin Schneider-Lau