RoadStars Showtruck makes an appearance at the IAA Station


Community meets at the truck.

At the IAA two years ago, the RoadStars Showtruck launched the Trucks Platform – a real success story. Now the flagship is back with a whole raft of attractions, news and gifts.

At the IAA or at the Truck Grand Prix: the RoadStars Showtruck turns up wherever truck enthusiasts and driver meet.

“I won!” Uwe Bergmann says laughing. The self-employed driver from Lüneburg runs his own timber haulage company called “Bergmann”. While at the IAA, he also dropped by at the RoadStars Showtruck, and he knew just how to work the wheel of fortune. Hundreds of visitors are trying their luck just like Bergmann did when they visit the Showtruck of the RoadStars truckers’ community.

The latest trucker events, spectacular transport coverage, first-hand details about trucks or chatting with other truck enthusiasts – since its start two years ago, the Mercedes-Benz truck community RoadStars has developed into a popular venue for enthusiasts. At many events held since, the jet black RoadStars Showtruck has been the beacon attracting people from far away. The new Actros with its custom trailer is again the focal point at the 66th IAA Commercial Vehicles trade fair, bringing together drivers, entrepreneurs, truck enthusiasts and journalists from the trade press.

Good cheer by the truckload, plus an opportunity to register for the Truck Trophy Qualifying 2016 awaits visitors to the RoadStars Showtruck out on the Mercedes-Benz outside premises.

Special offers for registered drivers.

The core of the RoadStars Community, as always, are the drivers themselves. To reward this passion, RoadStars will in future be offering special campaigns for all RoadStars drivers that are exclusively intended for truck drivers. When registering on RoadStars as “Drivers”, users of the online platform will in future be shown offers that are exclusively targeted at drivers, ranging from invitations to participate in drive experience, product surveys and special events. In this way, RoadStars wants to get truck drivers even more strongly involved in their community as part of special experiences and provide an open channel for them to share their expertise and make suggestions.

With just a little bit of luck at the wheel of fortune, visitors to the trade fair can win tasty and exclusive RoadStars waffles.

This year RoadStars ran a gift campaign during the trade fair in Hanover for those community members who had already registered. RoadStars users were able to go online and reserve their personal RoadStars gift as early as the lead-up to the trade fair, and they also received a free ticket to the IAA where they could collect their gift directly from the RoadStars Showtruck.

As well as having the opportunity to register with Roadstars directly on site, visitors can also try their luck and attempt to win non-cash prizes or fragrant, freshly baked waffles with RoadStars branding at the wheel of fortune. Visitors also have the opportunity to register for the Truck Trophy Qualifying 2016. They can then embark on a journey of discover in Hall 14/15, where Mercedes-Benz presents its innovations under the guiding concept of RoadEfficiency.

By registering in time, RoadStars members were able to reserve a free ticket to the IAA as well as a RoadStars gift.

Chatting, reading, making new friends: this is how the community works.

In addition to the latest news from the world of Mercedes-Benz Trucks, the RoadStars platform also presents in-depth articles and photo galleries, brochures and details of the vehicles, as well as an extensive media section with video clips featuring technologies, news video clips and reports about truck events. Also available for download are ring tones from The BossHoss and high-quality wallpapers with motifs ranging from Arocs to Atego. In the Community section, registered users can enliven their profiles by adding their own photo album and share it with other users. The Social Media functions allow users to chat online with other RoadStars friends.

The Bachiega family from Brazil had also made its way to the RoadStars Truck. The enterprise run by the family produces trailers for trucks.

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