Gathering of the Truck Trophy Family

Meeting up again

A deeply heartfelt connection.

They come from Germany and they come from other European countries. But one thing that they all have in common is their passion for driving. The IAA Commercial Vehicles trade fair provided the venue for a reunion of the participants in the Truck Trophy.

“Hi, how are you?” “Great, and you?” – Anyone turning up at the reunion of the Truck Trophy participants feeling a touch intimated quickly comes to realise that this is less like a class reunion but more of a celebratory family gathering – that’s how warm and cordial the connections are between the men and women who took part in the respective finals for this competition in 2008 and 2015. And they also celebrate special holidays that they have in common. While one of these only comes around every two years, it is all the more successful at bringing the drivers together in one place: the IAA Commercial Vehicles trade fair in Hanover.

Sharing information while on a guided tour of the trade fair and over dinner.

They came from all around Germany and other European countries again this year to find out more about the latest vehicle models and – just as importantly – to finally reunite with the colleagues who in 2008 in Cappadocia or in 2015 in Romania went to the starting line as competitors and crossed the finish line as friends.

Saturday was the day when the Truck Trophy veterans took a tour of Hall 14/15 where Mercedes-Benz is presenting its innovations associated with the guiding concept of RoadEfficiency. During the joint photo session in the afternoon, they were already busy exchanging the latest bits of news. This was followed by a shared dinner in a relaxed atmosphere. And the date for the next family gathering has already been set: at the qualifying round for the Truck Trophy 2016. After all, this is when the next lot of drivers will be joining the great Truck Trophy family.

Photos: Tom Roelecke

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