Success stories: the New Atego always pays off

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No unplanned downtimes!

Marathon CEO Emil Lisowski talks about his 22-tonne Atego high-volume articulated combinations.

„Two years ago, we began testing the Atego as a high-volume articulated combination and steadily expanding our fleet. One of the main reasons is its reliability. With the Atego, you don’t have any unscheduled downtimes. This is an extreme advantage compared to competitors, as our drivers are usually en route for two weeks across  Europe. The Atego also pays off in terms of fuel consumption, even though the acquisition cost is initially somewhat higher than the competition.

Our Euro VI Atego 1223 trucks require three litres less diesel per 100 kilometres than the trucks of rival manufacturers in our fleet. I’m also satisfied with the support Mercedes-Benz gives us: for example, through smart financing offerings to set up our Marathon fleet registered in Germany. And the customer care is very accommodating too. The Custom Tailored Trucks (CTT) division put together a customised Atego low-frame vehicle for us, with an 800-litre tank for a large operating range and special wheel rims for 17.5-inch tyres, which lets us increase our loading height to three metres.”

Emil Lisowski, CEO Marathon, Poznań, Poland

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