Success stories: The Actros in action at Astrasa

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Cheap can become expensive!

Gonzalo Sanz Garcia, Managing Director of the Spanish haulier Astrasa, talks about his New Actros and the Europe-wide service network of Mercedes-Benz.

Delivery for Unicarriers. CEO Gonzalo Sanz Garcia in front of his New Actros, which transports fork-lift trucks from the customer Unicarriers that are manufactured in Pamplona to Central and Northern European markets.

“I like to have several brands in my fleet so that I compare them properly. At the moment the New Euro VI Actros 1845 is first choice. The drivers are fascinated by its comfort and driving dynamics. We usually transport heavy loads. In view of this and the challenging topography of many of the trips we do, the average fuel consumption of the New Actros, 29 litres per 100 kilometres, is a very good figure.

Operators who want to be truly productive nowadays need a young, modern fleet. My experience shows that cheap can sometimes turn out to be expensive. We operate our fleet on the basis of this insight and are increasingly going for the New Actros. The overall vehicle and service package is currently the most economical on the market. Numerous services that are only optionally available with other manufacturers come as standard.

We hire our Actros trucks from CharterWay for 48 months, which ensures that the monthly costs are always transparent. I am also satisfied with the MercedesServiceCard*, as it’s a reassuring feeling to know that my drivers can also use it to pay when they’re far away from home. ”

(*MercedesServiceCard not available in the UK)

Gonzalo Sanz Garcia, Managing Director of Astrasa, Irun, Spain

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