Part 1: Think big. Act bigger!

Video series: Das Werk

A love of detail on 2.9 million square metres – welcome to Wörth!

The starting shot has been fired for our action-packed RoadStars documentary series at the Application Information Centre. The adventure playground for big kids.

“I’ll take one with six axles, please!” – Ordering a truck at the Application Information Centre isn’t quite that easy. Although that probably has to do with the fact that the choice on offer is simply too big! 180 vehicles, 65 bodybuilding partners and a huge area for obtaining advice, for testing and for talking shop.

Truck overload! Even motoring expert and presenter Matthias Malmedie is swamped here. Each week as part of our action-packed documentary “The Plant”, he exclusively guides us around an area of the world’s biggest truck assembly plant, delivering insider knowledge which was previously only accessible to employees.

Where? Here, of course: on RoadStars!

Which truck would you most like to test? Let us know!

Next week, you’ll see how the backbone of our trucks is made: it’s all about the vehicle frame!

Don't miss a thing: here you will find all of the episodes of our exclusive ten-part, action-packed online documentary series about truck assembly in the Wörth plant.