Part 4: The heat is on

Malmedie at the limit

Just a few days left until the driving test.

Matthias keeps on fighting his way through. But keeps getting caught up on the theoretical aspects.

From passenger to trucker. One small step into the cab. One giant leap for Matthias Malmedie. He's been pulling himself together for the fast-track trucker course to make sure he gets his hands on the coveted licence at the end of it. And of course so that he can also become the latest member to receive their blue steering wheel!

900 questions. 0 mistakes. At least, that's the aim. And the same rules apply as on the road: no guesswork. No daring manoeuvres. Everything has to be spot-on. And Matthias is now experiencing that first-hand.

Despite that, he doesn't let himself become discouraged. After all, the heat is now on ahead of the test!

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