Favourite picture: Party trucks in Brazil

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Rhythm running through their veins.

Actros, Axor and Atego support the carnival in São Paulo and Salvador.

Loud drums, exciting costumes and breathtaking dance acts – the Brazilian carnival wows millions of people year after year. Huge parties are organised all over the country with plenty of passion. Mercedes-Benz do Brasil supports the traditional carnival ensemble of the "Escola de Samba Sociedade Rosas de Ouro" samba school in São Paulo. Around 200 employees and their families took part in the official carnival parade in the "Anhembi Sambadrome".

Mercedes-Benz do Brasil also provided the samba school with six Atego, Axor and Actros vehicles. In the carnival parade in Salvador de Bahia, the third biggest city in Brazil after São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, two Axor trucks and one Actros put on a great performance together with the internationally renowned samba musician Carlinhos Brown.


Photos: Daimler AG

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