Favourite picture: number 61 pulls number 1

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Yacht instinct.

An Actros Black Liner pulls a hundred-thousand-euro yacht from the Adriatic Sea to Finland.

What a morning! The Adriatic Sea is glistening in the sunlight, the islands in the Dalmatian coastal waters seem within reach. There's very little traffic on the old coastal road (number 8) which stretches along the entire Croatian coast. The Actros 1848 Limited Edition Black Liner is gliding along at 70 km/h. In this year, 2012, the svelte yacht on the low loader is on its way to a trade fair in Düsseldorf. From there it will continue its journey to Finland, where the boat with build number 1 has already been sold.

The tractor unit is likewise elegant. A silver badge indicates that the Actros is build number 61 in the limited-edition series of 500. The Mercedes-Benz Actros Limited Edition celebrated its premiere as a Black Liner and White Liner at the 2010 IAA International Commercial Vehicle Show.

Photos: Michael Neuhaus

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