Actros Truck 'n' Roll Edition – The Wild West on Wheels

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Powerful, refined and comfortable.

2007: The Truck 'n' Roll Edition. A unique special model and one of the most attractive Actros models ever built.

Breath-taking, unique, the crowning dream of every truck driver: at the 2007 RAI International Commercial Vehicle Show in Amsterdam the Truck 'n' Roll Edition made the pulse of every truck driver race that little bit faster. Its fascinating exterior is complemented by a cab displaying the finest materials and a high level of comfort. The name of the Edition makes reference to the trucker anthem "Truck 'n' Roll rules" from Mercedes-Benz and The BossHoss.

Ideally suited to the thundering sounds of country rock, the airbrush paintwork transports onlookers to the Wild West. The driver's side shows galloping wild horses, while the co-driver's side displays a herd of wild buffaloes. It took Roland Just 120 hours to complete his airbrush painting. The masterpiece is protected by six layers of clearcoat and has been given a shiny mirror-like surface thanks to several hundred hours of polishing.

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