4-Xtremes – Part 61: Overlander meeting way out there

Series: 4-Xtremes – The World Tour

To the end of the world – and beyond.

"With a little help from their friends”, the Kammermanns explore the Shetlands routes which remain closed to others.

At the end of the previous episode we announced that we would need some company again. We found it in the Shetlands, which are so sparsely populated. Charlotte and Stuart – two overlanders we met in Spain in the spring – have spent the summer there. And are now literally opening up new avenues for us.

After all, what are two overlander couples going to do when they meet at the supposed end of the world with their trucks? They keep going! In this case, this means a bay that can only be reached via private land. Charlotte and Stuart are from the neighbouring Orkneys and know the owner.

To get to the bay, we travel from the main island over a bridge to the island of Muckle Roe. Our friends turn right at the end of a road, open a gate – and then continue along a gravel road. We follow them for about half an hour, the road is just wide enough for our trucks, and the beauty of the landscape almost distracts Mike from driving. But only almost, because the "journey" partly leads through moorland, anda few times Mike has to drive very carefully to stay on track.

At the end of the track, we park the trucks by a barn. The ideal place to spend the weekend. The sun is shining, there is hardly any wind. We walk along dramatic cliffs, watch seals swim and explore the ruins of abandoned houses. In the evening we sit by the campfire and watch the northern lights dancing in the sky.

As much as we love our freedom: some things can't be discovered alone – and some experiences are twice as nice if you share them with others. After the weekend together, both parties head south again – to different destinations. Find out where ours is next time.

Northern lights over Muckle Roe island.

4-Xtremes – The World Tour.

An unparalleled journey.

Andrea and Mike Kammermann have been on tour in their Axor for three years. "4-Xtremes – The World Tour" is the motto of the journey that the two Swiss nationals embarked on in mid-2020 and which they share with the RoadStars community. Keep up to date and don't miss out on any of the stunning destinations visited by the adventurous pair.

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