Long-haul transport: Mohammed Taouil drives all over France with his Actros


Pioneering work.

Fifteen years ago, Mohammed Taouil became the first person at Steenbergen Transport to drive a Mercedes‑Benz. Now he is far from the only one, with 26 trucks bearing the iconic star at the company.

Before Mohammed Taouil joined the company based in Bodegraven in the Netherlands, he was a pallet truck operator for a garden centre. “When Steenbergen began looking for truck drivers, I joined there immediately.” Since then, 20 years have passed.

When asked whether he had always dreamed of being a truck driver, the 42‑year-old shakes his head. “But I’m still very happy about my decision. Being cooped up inside all day is not for me. I like being outdoors. When you’re on the road, you see the world and meet all kinds of people,” says Mohammed.

He has been behind a Mercedes-Benz wheel for 18 years now. He was even the first person at Steenbergen Transport to drive a truck bearing the famous star. “When the management bought the first Mercedes‑Benz vehicles, they asked who wanted to drive them. I said yes immediately, as I had only heard good things.”

A total of 26 Mercedes‑Benz in the fleet.

Mohammed can only say good things about his mobile workspace after 18 years. “They are incredibly comfortable, safe and efficient vehicles.” Mohammed’s employer agrees: over the last 15 years, Steenbergen Transport has increased the number of Mercedes‑Benz trucks in its fleet to 26.

Since Mohammed passed the one-million-kilometre mark with his previous truck, he has been predominantly driving an Actros 1836. One of his jobs with this truck is transporting car tyres for one of the world’s largest tyre manufacturers to and from northern France. During winter, he drives to the south of France to supply lubricants for the upkeep of container ships.

“They are incredibly comfortable, safe and efficient vehicles.”

– Mohammed Taouil

Since recently, he is also regularly driving one of the four newly acquired Antos 1835 LS trucks.

These are used for ADR transport. “Safety is extremely important in the transport of hazardous substances. This is why it’s great that the vehicle has assistance systems such as Active Brake Assist, Attention Assist and Lane Keeping Assist. This enables you to drive with peace of mind.”

Photos: MCR