Actros L: this star shines during the day too

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The new premium truck.

A new gold standard crowns 25 years of the Actros: the Actros L has arrived.

It’s brilliant in every way! Mercedes‑Benz Trucks hasn’t just consistently designed the Actros L in line with the requirements of long-distance haulage – it has gone that extra mile too. Production will begin soon, so here is a video with just a few of the highlights:

Not so long ago Mercedes‑Benz Trucks presented a real sensation – the Actros Edition 2 special model. And now comes the next highlight: the Actros L has arrived. And with it a new premium star to illuminate the sky of series production long-distance haulage.

Of course the numbers must add up. That is why Mercedes‑Benz has done everything necessary to ensure the vehicle is extremely economical. The person at the wheel was just as important to the developers: in the Actros L greater relaxation when driving is standard, living is more comfortable and work more efficient.

Plenty of room and stowage space.

This starts in the cabs. The StreamSpace, BigSpace and GigaSpace cabs are available – all 2.50 metres wide and with a level floor. The noise insulation for the L model has been improved so that breaks are even more pleasant. The new driver's seat for example, stands for more relaxed driving. It has been upholstered with a new top-quality outer cover and more importantly its seat base has been lowered to increase the adjustment options.

When you enter the truck the new door trim is a real eye-catcher while a quick glance around the cab reveals the new mattress topper. It is 45 millimetres thick, optimally ventilated and extremely hygienic as a result. The sense of well-being can be further enhanced with the numerous Interior Line accessories from Mercedes‑Benz Trucks.

Active safety.

The Actros L earns its premium rating with its safety equipment. The L model is equipped with several features to ensure it arrives at its destination without accident. For example Lane Keeping Assist, Proximity Control Assist, MirrorCam or the optional Active Sideguard Assist. Within the system limits, it can not only warn drivers of cyclists and pedestrians on the co-driver’s side but ideally even initiate an automated braking manoeuvre, bringing the vehicle to a standstill, if the driver doesn’t react in time.

The optional Active Drive Assist 2 is also a new feature. The system is now even capable of initiating an emergency stop if it recognises that the driver has not been actively involved in the driving process for a longer period of time, e.g. due to health problems. First the system requests the driver via visual and acoustic signals to place his or her hands on the wheel. But if he or she does not respond after 60 seconds, even after multiple warnings, by braking, steering, accelerating or operating the vehicle systems via the buttons on the steering wheel, within its limits the system can brake until the truck safely comes to a standstill within its lane while warning the following vehicles using the hazard warning light system.

The driver remains responsible for the vehicle.

The emergency stop manoeuvre initiated by the system can be stopped by using a kick-down at any time. If the truck comes to a standstill, the system can automatically engage the new electronic parking brake. In addition, the doors are unlocked so that paramedics and other first responders can directly reach the driver in case of a medical emergency.

So, you can look forward to the new flagship: sales start is 1 July, start of production is 1 November 2021.