Maze Logistic Solutions’ Actros and driver Kirsty wear it pink for breast cancer


Eye-catching livery and the latest technology make this Actros a real head-turner.

Kirsty has been trucking for 19 years, so she’s driven her fair share of truck makes and models but she’s never had one quite like this before! RoadStars caught up with her to find out about this very special vehicle.

Kirsty with her new Actros.

Doing their bit for charity.

Maze Logistic Solutions has a fleet of 15 Mercedes-Benz Actros, but only one breast cancer truck. A few years ago, when company director Steve Snelling decided he wanted to support a charity, prostate cancer seemed an appropriate choice. Several of Maze’s vehicles feature the iconic ‘man of men’ symbol to promote Prostate Cancer UK. When Kirsty’s previous truck came to the end of its lease, Steve suggested a pink ribbon theme for her new vehicle. Kirsty loved the idea!

The company gets involved in local events such as carnivals, loaning vehicles for free, and fundraises for two charities, Prostate Cancer UK and Breast Cancer Now. You can be part of their charity efforts too – find out about their latest campaign at the end of this article!

The Actros was supplied by Mercedes-Benz Trucks Dealer Orwell Truck and Van.

Long term partnership.

The Actros was supplied by Rob Dale from Mercedes-Benz Trucks Dealer Orwell Truck and Van, who’s known the directors at Maze for many years. They took him at his word when he recommended the new Actros, not even test driving the vehicle before placing their order. Rob says they were particularly sold on the advanced safety technology, such as Active Brake Assist 5, which can perform emergency braking when approaching stationary and moving objects, and perform partial or full braking for moving pedestrians.

Kirsty in her new GigaSpace cab.

A striking design.

Kirsty was more than happy to help shape the look of the Actros, suggesting how pink highlights could be added to the truck and even convincing Steve that the pink ribbon would look much better on a gun-metal grey paint job rather than the company’s usual white livery!

Kirsty's manicure matches her truck.
Kirsty's manicure matches her truck.
Rob showing Kirsty the ropes.
Rob showing Kirsty the ropes.

Handover in style.

Rob Billman, also from Orwell Truck and Van, handed the keys over to Kirsty on 16 August, taking her through the new Actros’ features such as MirrorCam, the Multimedia Cockpit, interactive and Predictive Powertrain Control. Then the next day she was out on the road! “Being chucked in the deep end, it’s the best way to learn,” laughs Kirsty.

She had her nails painted to match for the occasion: “My nail artist’s mum was just recovering from breast cancer at the time, so she was more than happy to add a pink ribbon to my manicure.”

MirrorCam in action.

MirrorCam – it’s a talking point!

Kirsty says it didn’t take her long to adjust to using MirrorCam, and it has some real benefits. “It’s good for reversing, the way the camera moves, you can see so much. To start with it felt like too much! But I’m used to it now.” And from a security point of view, MirrorCam means Kirsty can check on the back of her vehicle from inside the cab, with the curtains closed.  

The unique camera system gets a lot of attention out on the road and at truck stops and service stations. “Lots of people are interested. They want to know what’s happened to the mirrors. I’ve had people wind their windows down to ask me about it if we’re stuck in traffic, and the other day a driver trainer from a yard I was visiting came to sit in the cab to have a look. People really do notice it!” 

Super comfy cab.

The truck has a GigaSpace cab, the largest Actros cab around. This makes Kirsty’s job more comfortable, as she’s often away from home overnight, delivering containers from Felixstowe to “anywhere and everywhere” as she puts it. The cab features a custom-built locker wall, plus fridge, microwave and bespoke pink ribbon curtains!

Kirsty and Rob on handover day.

A rare sight.

There aren’t many trucks on the road like Kirsty’s – MirrorCam and the pink ribbon highlights make it a unique vehicle which is why Maze Logistic Solutions is running a fundraising competition this October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Spot the truck and share a photo on their Facebook page, and for each photo Maze will make a donation to the UK's largest breast cancer charity, Breast Cancer Now.  

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Photos by Daniel Wilcox, Orwell Truck and Van.

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