Driver Paul on camping out in a luxurious Actros trailer – alongside premium motorsports vehicles


This Actros has a custom-built bespoke trailer, which doubles as a motor racing car transporter and home from home.

Driver Paul works in style. The self-employed trucker spends most of his days shipping motorsport vehicles for international competitions and events in a luxury, specially-adapted Actros 1842LS. We got the lowdown on this very special truck.

Exciting cars delivered in an exciting truck.

Paul Stanton is contracted to various companies, but one that stands out is Spy Motorsport Ltd. Based in Oxfordshire, the company prepare, deliver and run racing cars in competitions and events throughout the UK and Europe. Paul has been involved in shipping impressive cars including Caterhams, a classic LMP2 and the brand new Porsche Cayman GT4.

This line of work in itself is glamourous and exciting, but it’s made even better by the vehicle Paul gets to drive – an Actros 1842LS 4x2 tractor unit with custom-built matching trailer.

A home for Paul and the family.

The vehicle’s trailer includes a comprehensive storage area for the luxury cars, work benches and a tail lift, plus plush living accommodation for the driver, including a living room and kitchen with modern appliances. “It’s kitted out really nicely inside,” Paul enthuses - the perfect home from home for him on the road. 

On average he can spend up to five days away in it at a time, so it’s important the space is practical and relaxing. In fact, he finds it so comfortable that he regularly takes his family away in it to truck shows on weekends. There’s plenty of room for Paul, his wife and children, who love the opportunity to camp out in such a superb space.

The Actros on the day it went to the paintshop.
The Actros on the day it went to the paintshop.
In full silver livery.
In full silver livery.

Good things come to those who wait.

The Actros is a special truck, something Paul and Peter, the owner at Spy Motorsport Ltd, had wanted for a long time. “We hunted for so long – they don’t come up that often, luckily in February this year we saw five of the trucks being advertised by Ryder West,” explains Paul.

No time was wasted, “The day after we saw the advert, Peter called up and ordered one – he was that confident he wanted one.”

The pair were thrilled to find it in brilliant condition, “It was beautifully maintained by the previous owner, it was like picking up a brand-new truck,” says Paul.

“It’s work but it’s a pleasure.”

- Paul Stanton, Driver

Aesthetically pleasing.

Peter arranged for the Actros to be re-sprayed from white to silver by Cooper Car & Commercial Vehicle Painters in Chorley, Lancs. Other alterations include bottom light bars, alloy wheels, and the custom interior. Within a couple of months it was put to work on the road.

Paul is incredibly proud to drive such a sleek and aesthetically pleasing vehicle, “In the motorsport world it’s all about looks and image. Quite a few racing teams have them, in my opinion it’s THE motorsport truck.”

In fact, other drivers have commented on the gorgeous livery, “I have friends who drive different types of trucks but they all agree it’s the best-looking truck on the road by far.”

Not just good looks.

It’s not all about the trailer though. Paul also enjoys driving the truck, “It handles the job very well and is fantastic to drive,” he says.

He particularly likes how much room he has in the cab, making it easier for him to move around during downtime. Paul also finds the vehicle a great size, providing strength and agility, which other brands he has driven before haven’t been able to deliver.

Already this year he has travelled across the country and visited Belgium twice, with plans to work in Italy and Spain next year. The time away from home isn’t too taxing when he is driving such a coveted truck though, “It’s work but it’s a pleasure.”

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