Mercedes-Benz Actros ‘mashes the Swedes’


Driver Rob was a massive fan of Swedish-built trucks – until he tried the Actros.

Rob Billman was a die-hard fan of Swedish-made trucks, organising regular events to celebrate the brand. Then he tried the Mercedes-Benz Actros and everything changed.

Introducing Mercedes-Benz trucks.

Trucker Rob from North Walsham, Norfolk, is a long-established sub-contractor to high-profile haulier Bartrums based in Suffolk. He had always loved Swedish-built vehicles – so much so he previously organised annual celebrations of the Scandinavian brand. However Rob was, at times, let down by his truck and a contact at Bartrums recommended the Mercedes-Benz Actros. “He couldn’t wait to tell me what a fantastic difference Mercedes-Benz trucks had made to their business,” recalls Rob.

Putting an Actros to the test.

Intrigued, he decided to find out more about the Actros and arranged to take it for a spin through local dealership, Orwell Truck & Van.

“I was very quickly sold on Orwell’s demonstrator. After three days the fuel consumption figures were looking seriously impressive – a couple of days later I was asking the Dealer to sort me out a price.”

Still a beautiful truck.

Rob was soon driving his very own Actros 2445 with small-wheeled mid-lift axle – a bright red beauty with a colour-coded bumper, special side skirts, Hatcher air management kit, chrome-trimmed grille and sun visor plus light bars and wheel trims. It was the very first truck Rob has owned from new and it’s still going strong, “Five years later I’d have no hesitation in describing the Actros as a fantastic truck.”

Powerful and economical.

Over time Rob has had to undertake some big jobs, including pulling a variety of products in curtainside trailers at between 38 and 44 tonnes GCW. Yet the Actros has always proved economical and powerful. He explains, “It’s never let me down and has consistently returned between 9.5 and 10 mpg – that’s a good couple of miles per gallon better than I was getting from my previous truck.”

“The Actros is easily the most comfortable vehicle I’ve driven and lived in.”

– Rob Billman

A reliable Actros and never looking back.

It’s safe to say Rob has fully embraced Mercedes-Benz trucks and isn’t looking back. His reliable Actros has wowed him and proved its worth, convincing him to forget previous truck brands instantly.

He even expressed his joy recently, by posting an enthusiastic statement on social media: “Three-quarters of a million kilometres and not a day lost. Not a single breakdown, no brake pads. Who knew… Mercedes-Benz would be such a great move!”

We couldn’t say it better than that!

Did you make the switch?

Did you previously drive another truck brand and have happily switched to a Mercedes-Benz vehicle? We’d love to know about your experience. Or maybe you know someone that should try a Mercedes-Benz truck? Share this article with them along with your views in the comment section.

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