Drivers talk safety technology and the new Actros


Technology plays an important role in truck safety – we explore how.

Safety has always been at the heart of what we do and technology has played a key role in the development of our trucks, making them safer and more efficient with the most recent example being our new Actros. In this article we explore the importance of truck technology – let us know your views in the comments section below!

Truck safety pioneers.

Safety is an integral part of our vehicles. Over the years we have pioneered the latest advanced technology, introducing many safety features as standard, before they have become a legal requirement.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks was the first to offer standard-fit Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) for commercial vehicles back in 1981 – ten years before it became a requirement. In 1996 the Actros was the first truck in the world to be equipped with an electronic brake system as standard and in 2006 we introduced Active Brake Assist (ABA) ahead of the standard safety legislation.

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Safety features in action.

Since introducing Active Brake Assist 4 (first of its kind with pedestrian recognition technology) the system has proven valuable, particularly with drivers.

Wilkin & Sons driver, Tim Sharp shared one of his experiences of using ABA 4 in a real-life situation. He was driving through the busy streets of London, when a pedestrian stepped out suddenly in front of his vehicle.

“A lady was on her phone and decided to take a shortcut to a zebra crossing. The vehicle picked up on her before I could, and brought me safely to a halt in good time. I didn’t touch anything; the truck did it all. And the speed with which to do so…I was just blown away. Fantastic!”

“The vehicle picked up on her before I could, and brought me safely to a halt in good time.”

– Tim Sharp, driver, Wilkin & Sons

Wilkin & Sons’ drivers Tim Sharp, left, and Bradley Scott, right, are pictured with their stunning Mercedes-Benz Actros.

New Actros – ground-breaking safety features.

Unfortunately, truckers cannot control the actions of other people on the road, but they can utilise the technology at their disposal. The new Actros offers ground-breaking safety features, allowing drivers to keep themselves and other road-users safe.

MirrorCam is the brand new exclusive alternative to outside mirrors. The new Actros is the first truck in the world to offer this system, which harnesses digital cameras and displays to provide an all-round view of the truck’s surroundings, allowing the driver to eliminate blind spots and see when another vehicle, motorcyclist, cyclist or pedestrian is heading their way.

The truck also boasts the newest edition of Active Brake Assist – ABA 5, an innovative system which helps to prevent potential front or rear-end collisions, by using radar and camera technology to detect and respond to a moving pedestrian.

Active Drive Assist gives the driver access to semi-automated driving at all speeds for the first time in a series production truck and Lane Keeping Assist and Lane Departure Protection (LDP) help drivers stay in the correct lane when driving, with LDP additionally steering the truck back in to position if it starts to drift.

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Looking to the future of truck safety.

Truck technology is moving at a rapid pace with no signs of slowing down. There are many more exciting future developments to come, which will ultimately ensure better safety for all road-users.  We will continue to push the boundaries, as we always have, and strive to introduce more safety ‘world firsts’ in our trucks.

What’s your favourite safety feature in your Mercedes-Benz truck?

Or do you have an example of when the technology helped you on the road? Share with your fellow RoadStars in the comment section below.

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