What a beauty!


A sight to behold: the new Actros1 with matching trailer livery.

Haulage company Ideliver Group has a jewel in its fleet – the new Actros1 with a matching trailer. The striking truck garners plenty of admiration from other truckers and road-users when it’s out making tracks across the UK and Europe.

Actros1 is number one.

Haulage business Ideliver Group specialises in the transportation of motorbikes as well as equipment for events and shows. The team mostly travels throughout the UK and Europe however some big jobs take the drivers all the way to the USA. Additionally, Ideliver offers storage solutions, primarily for motorbikes.

The company currently has four Mercedes-Benz Actros trucks in its fleet along with a Mercedes-Benz van. Their flagship vehicle is the Actros1, released in 2018. Only 100 of these special-edition trucks have been made and after snapping one up, Ideliver Group decided to add a unique touch with a matching trailer.

A family business.

Family-owned Ideliver Group was started by Chris Browning, who now holds the position of Operations and Transport Manager. His son Josh acts as Managing Director, his daughter Stacey is Office Manager (whilst training to take on her father’s responsibilities) and Chris’ son-in-law is also a driver for the company.

Eye-catching Actros1.

Ideliver Group decided to purchase a brand new limited-edition Actros1 to fulfil large deliveries to European motorcycle events for Harley Davidson.To maximise the impact of the sleek Actros1 design, Ideliver Group also commissioned a specially built Euro-Liner trailer from Schmitz Cargobull with matching livery. The result: a striking duo of black with a vivid turquoise trim, which stands out amongst the company’s traditional black and orange colours.

“The livery complements both the unit and trailer together and creates an impressive combination to act as a company flagship centrepiece,” describes Chris.

The beautiful truck attracts the attention of many other road users, as Chris puts it: “The truck is definitely noticeable” and receives plenty of positive feedback.

Driving power and comfort.

Managing Director Josh is lucky enough to drive the vehicle and is thrilled by its cutting-edge spec and power, “The impressive 630bhp Mercedes-Benz engine pulls like a train and coupled together with Schmitz Cargobull trailer has created a powerful nimble outfit that fulfils its obligations in both performance and style.”

Josh has also enjoyed the improved comfort and space in the cab of the new addition.

“The impressive 630bhp Mercedes-Benz engine pulls like a train...”

– Josh Browning

Mercedes-Benz meets demands.

Ideliver Group plans to expand their fleet in the future. When asked about their go-to brand, Chris says, “Mercedes-Benz Trucks is looking like a great contender to fulfil the brief of our needs and demands to complement our business model.”

Do you drive an Actros1?

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