Mercedes-Benz brings more than just new trucks to Palletways.


New Mercedes-Benz fleet stacks up for Palletways.

Palletways delivery company has not just grown its fleet with a set of new Actros, Antos and Atego vehicles, but grown its partnership with Mercedes-Benz Trucks too.

Operating from depots across the UK, Palletways delivery network transports 40,000 pallets every day. To complete these deliveries, the company needs to provide high reliability and fuel efficiency, which is why they’ve chosen Mercedes-Benz vehicles to extend their fleet.

Their new fleet of 67 trucks provides a combination of Actros, Antos and Atego models, including 28 tractor units and 39 rigid vehicles. This gives Europe’s largest express palletised freight services provider the flexibility that they need out on the road. However, their new delivery has provided more than just a new set of vehicles to Palletways.

Greater safety and fuel efficiency.

Supplied by S&B Commericals, the majority of the vehicles are fitted with Safety Packs. These packs include state-of the-art Active Brake Assist 4 and Proximity Control Assist technology. With this technology, the delivery company can ensure that their drivers are safer out on Europe’s roads, protecting their vehicles and other road users.

Palletways have also specified that the vehicles be fitted with Predictive Powertrain Control systems, which can save operators up to 5% on their fuel consumption. By reading the road ahead and adjusting the vehicle’s performance based on the terrain, Palletways will be able to become more efficient over long journeys, bringing benefits for both the business and the wider environment.

“By specifying the latest fuel-saving technology we are demonstrating our commitment not only to operational efficiency, but also to the environment, through the reduction in emissions that we expect to achieve,” says Director of Owned Operations Zac Brown.

“Meanwhile, hugely impressive systems such as Active Brake Assist 4, with its ground-breaking pedestrian recognition capability, underline our unstinting focus on safety.”


Relationship with Mercedes-Benz.

In addition to the new fleet vehicles, Mercedes-Benz also provided other benefits to the Palletways business. Owned operations depot managers and other senior representatives from Palletways were invited to the Mercedes-Benz Trucks headquarters in Milton Keynes for a presentation on the brand and latest products.

Within the business itself, Mercedes-Benz Trucks are also providing a driver familiarisation programme, modules from which can contribute to the 35 hours that drivers need to retain their Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (DCPC) every five years.

By providing this training, Mercedes-Benz Trucks brings something more to the business than just new vehicles. Zac said, “These are still early days, of course, but we are very encouraged by the new partnership we have forged with Mercedes-Benz Trucks UK and S & B Commercials; certainly, both have done everything we could have asked of them.

“We now look forward to benefiting over the months and years to come, from the customer-focused back-up of the Mercedes-Benz Dealer Network.”

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