See the UK Limited Edition Actros1, inside and out.


Find out why the new Actros1 is built for drivers.

With greater comfort, better safety and improved driving dynamics, the Actros1 is built for drivers. See all of its features in our latest video.

So how is the UK Limited Edition Actros1 from Mercedes-Benz Trucks UK different from any other Actros? We ask our Product Expert to tell us why the Actros1 really is the driver’s truck of choice.

By harnessing the latest innovations from Mercedes-Benz Trucks UK, the Actros1 combines safety, efficiency, connectivity and comfort to create the perfect business partner.

Bob Gowans, Product & Sales Technical Manager for Mercedes-Benz Trucks UK, takes us around one of the 100 models being built to show you all of the vehicle’s amazing features. Read more about Actros1 and watch the video below.


To make sure that drivers are as safe as possible whilst out on the road, the Actros1 harnesses all of the latest safety technology from Mercedes-Benz Trucks.

Equipped with the latest version of Active Brake Assist 4 (ABA4), Actros1 monitors the road ahead and is able to identify potential hazards, including pedestrians, applying automated braking within the system limits if necessary. This means that the driver is supported in challenging conditions, keeping them and other road users safe while they’re out on the road.

Driving dynamics

With the latest generation of fuel-efficient Euro VI OM471/OM473 engines coupled with an optimised 12-speed Mercedes-Benz PowerShift 3 gearbox, the Actros1 offers great driving performance whilst out on the road.

Two engine choices with outputs of 630hp and 530hp and a peak torque of 3000Nm and 2600Nm respectively mean that the Actros1 can offer you all of the power you need.


The spacious flat floor GigaSpace Cab, Actros1’s leather massage seats, Multimedia Radio Touch system and Apple Car Play make the Actros1 a driver’s second home. Generous front and rear overhead locker space, a pull-out fridge, a microwave and a premium comfort mattress mean that any Actros1 driver can travel in comfort.

Maximised Use

The Actros1 links up to driver’s devices via Bluetooth, so they can always stay connected to the vehicle.

With Predictive Powertrain Control assisting the driver to achieve maximum fuel efficiency and Mercedes-Benz Uptime fitted as standard, the Fleetboard data centre in the Actros1 ensures that drivers always have up to date analytics to ensure maximised use.