Unimog Live back for a third year of exciting, hands-on experiences


Rough and ready: the Unimog wowed visitors at Wentworth Park.

On Wednesday 24 October 2018, Unimog Live descended on Mercedes-Benz Trucks’ Wentworth Park complex near Barnsley where visitors spent the day trying out a wide variety of mighty Unimogs.

Something for everyone at Unimog Live.

Over 60 visitors were lucky enough to test the vehicles for themselves, both on and off the road. With lots on display, each with impressive features, colourful bodywork and kitted out with mowers, rakes, cultivators and other agricultural equipment - there was something for everyone.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks experts were also on hand to answer questions and talk through Unimog’s history, speed and weight capabilities plus a few surprising facts! For instance, did you know it can reach up to 56mph on roads, carry 25 tonnes and wade through 1.2m of water? Plus the majority of those built since 1951 are still in service today.

Crafted over 70 years ago.

The versatile vehicle is a favourite of farmers, construction companies, the mining industry and the military. Customisable modifications enable it to be whatever the customer needs, making it the perfect choice 365 days of the year.

Originally crafted in 1946, the unique design has wowed users for over 70 years due to hundreds of implements, modifications and numerous safety features. Two model platforms form the base of the range – the U216 – U530, ideal for civil engineering, cutting grass and ploughing snow and the U4023 – U5023, which can cover a variety of difficult terrains from deserts to jungles and nearly everything in-between. Off-road, the all-wheel drive with three differential locks, axle articulation, high ground clearance and short overhangs make negotiating sharp angles a breeze.

Undertaking the work of many different machines.

Tough and hard-wearing, Unimog is officially an ‘implement carrier’ but is better described as a part-truck, part-tractor hybrid. Fitted with a Central Tyre Inflation (CTI) system activated from the cab, tyre pressures can be reduced quickly to prevent damage when covering soft ground.

This one of kind powerhouse can undertake the work of many different specialist machines, saving time and money whilst ensuring an easy and efficient experience.

Your Unimog experiences.

Have any of our RoadStars ever driven a Unimog? Or do you have a favourite model? Comment below and share your experiences!