Discover the Actros1 from number 1 vehicle driver, Allan Holt.


Allan Holt, driver of the number 1 Actros1 truck, tells us all about the Limited Edition model.

When logistics company Pollock Scotrans purchased the number 1 Actros1 vehicle for driver Allan Holt, he was very happy indeed. Find out what he thinks of his new truck.

Allan Holt is a big fan of Mercedes-Benz Trucks, so when the Managing Director of Pollock Scotrans Scott Pollock asked him if he’d like to drive a Limited Edition Actros1, he didn’t have to ask twice.

Having worked for the independent UK logistics provider Pollock Scotrans for 7 years, Allan has tried out lots of different trucks on the road, but has been consistently impressed by Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

“I’ve tried every manufacturer of truck working at Pollock Scotrans from Volvo to Renault and even a new shape DAF which I had for a year but then asked to go back to Mercedes-Benz,” said Allan.

“When Mercedes-Benz released the first images of the Actros1 Scott approached me and asked me if I’d like one, obviously I jumped at the chance.”

“I was gobsmacked”

The highest spec Actros yet.

Having driven three different Actros models during his time at Pollocks, Allan was impressed by the specifications of the Actros1, which are the highest of any Actros yet.

“I was gobsmacked,” he said. “My current Actros 630 is very highly specced but the Actros1 is something else all-together.”

Allan was particularly impressed by the interior of the Actros1 which, with a spacious flat floor GigaSpace Cab, leather massage seats and Multimedia Radio Touch system (amongst many other features) provides optimum comfort for the driver.

“It caters for every need of the driver and it will be an excellent place to work and live through the week,” he said.

“I think they have got everything just about perfect, the microwave and extra lockers tick the boxes that drivers want in a truck, heated massage seats and touch screen media player make it feel like a place you want to spend time rather than just a place to work. For comfort and interior look you cannot fault the Actros1.” 

Getting out on the road.

The number 1 Actros1 is still currently in the workshop, with the final exterior adjustments being made before it hits the road.

With a full stainless steel and black bull bar being added to the front along with a top bar with laser lights (supplied by Kev Larkin), rear perimeter lights (supplied by Bailey) and black rear wing tops and back arches (completed by David Phillips Commercials) along with some new interior features, Allan cannot wait to get behind the wheel and try out the Actros1 on the road.

“I’m really looking forward to spending time in the Actros1, seeing how it is to live with and get used to all the extra features Mercedes-Benz have added,” he said.

One of his first trips will be to Truckfest Peterborough, where he’ll be showing his vehicle on the Mercedes-Benz Trucks stand throughout the weekend.

“I’m looking forward to showing everyone what we’ve done with the very first Actros1, it will be an eye catcher and I’m hopeful the feedback will be positive,” he said.  

“As always spending time with the Mercedes-Benz team will be a pleasure. I also cannot thank them enough for the VIP treatment they always offer, including the excellent service provided by Melville Berwick and his team at Western Commercial. In my honest opinion I don’t think there’s a better truck on the market and I certainly wouldn’t want anything else apart from an Actros.”

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