Truck-Grand-Prix: Songs, Trucks and Rock ’n’ Roll

Be a star for five minutes!

Truckpool Karaoke: the cab is your stage.

Rammstein, Johnny Cash, The BossHoss or Pink – if music is your fuel, then the 32nd Truck Grand Prix at the Nürburgring will be your stage. This time, RoadStars is really getting the show on the road with Truckpool Karaoke.

For music fans there is no better place for partying along to your favourite song and singing it at the top of your voice than behind the wheel. And that's why the 32nd Truck Grand Prix at the Nürburgring from 30 June to 2 July 2017 will see RoadStars turn an Actros cab into a huge show stage. "The Late Late Show" presenter, James Corden, led the way with his own Carpool Karaoke: he gets in an SUV with celebrities, turns the sound system as high as it will go and is then so wrapped up in the music as he dances and sings with them that every clip gets millions of clicks online – it just goes to show how much fun karaoke behind the wheel really is. So when you put real RoadStars in the cab of a magnificent Mercedes-Benz Actros instead of your run-of-the-mill superstars, the fun and games have a bit more horsepower.

If you brake you lose! So, you'd better perform like The Boss or a Queen!

After all, the RoadStars Truckpool Karaoke will be your show. At the end of every Mercedes-Benz Trucks presentation, participants will climb into the Actros cab on the figure-of-eight demonstration circuit together with the presenter. They can then choose one of ten tracks to show everyone what they're made of. Sing, dance, rock it – the wilder the better, but if you brake, you lose! Your performance will be broadcast – together with the sound – on the huge LED screen so that your friends can see just who really is The Boss or the Queen of the karaoke.

You've got time until Tuesday, 6th June 2017, to suggest a song – so do it before it’s too late!

To make sure you have an easy ride for your performance or to give other RoadStars colleagues the chance to get themselves ready, suggest your favourite music in the comments below.

The top songs from all of the suggestions will make it into the Truckpool track list. Rammstein, Johnny Cash, The BossHoss, Pink or something completely different – let your voice be heard!